Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Tenali Raman

About five hundred years ago, there lived a great King called Krishnadeveraya. He ruled one of the greatest Kingdoms in South India, the Vijayanagar Kingdom.
Krishnadevaraya was a good King. He was a great warrior and a kind ruler. He loved poetry, art and learning and did his best to encourage artists and learners.

The great Vijayanagar Kingdom had many small villages. In one of these small villages called Tenali, there lived a small boy called Raman. Like most children, Raman was full of mischief who loved to play with his friends. But Raman was a very clever, very witty boy, who dreamed of being rich and famous.

Raman did not know that very soon his dream would come true and he would meet the great King Krishnadevaraya and become his favourite subject.