Thursday, 7 June 2012


Once upon a time in the dense forest of Coorg a jackal  (A Wild Dog) lived. He was very cunning and he had no friends in the forest. He became old. One day he could not get anything to eat in the jungle. He wandered in search of food. The hungry jackal crossed the jungle and entered a village called Shivpuri in search of food.

When he was prowling (Moving Restlessly) in the village, a group of dogs noticed him and started barking. The dogs chased the stranger (An Unknown Person). The jackal was scared (Become frightened, afraid) because, he has never seen a dog before. He thought that the dogs are stronger than him. He ran very fast away from the dogs to save his life.

On the way there was a washer mens house. The door of the house was open. The frightened jackal entered into the house to hide himself. He saw a big tub containing blue colored liquid. The washer men had kept it for putting blue to the washed clothes. The jackal jumped into the tub of blue colored dye.


The dogs also came there chasing the jackal. But they could not find him. and so they went away. When the jackal saw the dogs going back, he came out of the tub cautiously and ran towards the jungle.

He did not notice that after jumping into the dye his body's color had also changed into blue color.

He thanked God for saving his life from the dangerous dogs. As the jackal entered the forest, his friends were surprised to see him having a different color. They thought that the blue jackal is a different animal and were scared to go near him. They all ran away from the blue jackal. Even Lion, Tiger, Elephant and his own clan ( A Group Of Families) jackals were afraid to see him.


The blue jackal was also surprised to see all the animals getting afraid of him. Since he was running from the village the blue jackal was thirsty. He went to drink water in the nearby pond. There he saw his own image in the water. He saw himself totally in blue color. He immediately understood why all the animals were afraid of him. None of the animals in the forest has seen a blue jackal before. So they were all afraid of him.

The hungry jackal immediately thought of a brilliant plan. He climbed on the top of a hill and called all the animals of the jungle. "Dear friends! Why are you scared of me?.  Please do not be afraid". The animals gathered thereafter hearing his loud call.

He said, "I have come from heaven. I am God's messenger on the Earth and I am your new King. Now onwards I will take care of all your problems. Don't be afraid of me. Be happy"

The animals of the jungle have never seen such an animal. So, they all believed the Blue Jackal's words. They said, "Your majesty!! we are very happy that the God has sent a King for us. We are glad be your subjects and carry out your orders. What can we do for you, our Lord"?.

The jackal was happy that his plan worked out very well. He said, "You people should serve me well and take care of all my needs." All the animals faithfully said "Of course your majesty! ".  They went away to bring food for him as ordered.

After this the blue jackal's lifestyle had changed a lot. He did not go for hunting. Happily he was sleeping inside the cave. Because he did not have to bother for his food and other needs. Everything for him was made available at his doorsteps.

The days were passing happily for the blue jackal. But one day a pack of jackals came to the forest howling loudly. Hearing this howl, (A Long Cry Made By The Animals)  the blue jackal was reminded of his own howling. Since he not howl for a long time, he had a sudden strange urge to howl.

For a moment, he forgot that he is God's messenger. He started howling aloud along with other jackals. Hearing his howl, the animals, immediately realised that he is not a God's messenger, but an ordinary jackal. The other animals became very angry and chased the fake King and drove him out of the jungle.

MORAL : If we cheat others we will be punished one day


  1. This is a very intresting story ..good good keept it up.

  2. என்னமோ எழுதி இருக்கு ஆனா என்னான்னுதான் புரியமாட்டேங்குது ? இரு நான் போயி யாராவது படிச்ச புள்ளைய கூட்டிட்டு வர்றேன்

  3. An Excellent story this is the first time I am hearing this story. Keep rocking :)

  4. ஆங்.....ஆங்.....ஆங்......
    இது என்ன மொழி......ஒண்ணுமே புரியல.....:)

  5. ///TERROR-PANDIYAN(VAS)9 June 2012 01:39
    An Excellent story this is the first time I am hearing this story. Keep rocking :)////

    That means you didn't study anything in the school?

  6. Good story, good narration, keep copying sorry writing!