Thursday, 31 May 2012


Raghu was a poor farmer who lived on a small farm in the village of Rasipuram. The farm he lived belonged to a rich landlord, Vishnu. Raghu had a wife and two daughters. He lived a happy and contented life. He was always busy like an ant. He used to sing songs during work, to forget the strain of work.

The people in the Rasipuram village loved Raghu and his songs very much. Most of the children in that village and some elders would gather under a large banyan tree, every afternoon to hear his sweet songs. Seeing the popularity of Raghu, some started hating him due to jealousy.

Vishnu often heard Raghu singing during his work. He used to wonder at Raghu's cheerfulness. For all his wealth he was an unhappy man. His health condition was not at all good and he won't get sleep in the night.

One fine morning as usual Raghu was working and singing in the field. The landlord came near him and called him and asked Raghu what is the secret that you always seems to be happy than any other person in this village, including me.

Raghu asked the landlord, "Please tell me, Sir what is your problem?" The landlord replied," My friend, I am not able to sleep in the night. I feel highly disturbed."

But Raghu told the landlord, "I get sleep very well, because I work hard all day long. After finishing the work, as soon as I return home, I sit with my daughters and listen to their sweet voice. Then I would teach them some good songs." He continued," Sir you are paying me enough and I don't have any other problem. From the money you are giving me as my salary, I spend one rupee on charity, one rupee to repay my debt and the rest I give to my wife for running the family. She looks after the family well. So I am happy like a bird."

The landlord thanked Raghu for talking to him such a long time. He went home happily. He decided to work next day onwards in his own field with other workers. As the landlord started working, he became very happy and gained his good sleep.

Moral:   Purposeful Hard work makes a person happy.

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